All-purpose slot angles

Bearing angle perpendicular to the angular shape of the steel bar that allows users to freely assemble the case demands, Liao racks used for warehousing, storage, cupboards, display, high-quality standardized materials, providing you with unlimited convenience

Screws free slot angles

Manfacturer and distributor. Patented products. High quality screw free slot angles for DIY item such as racks, movable cabinets, warehouse racks. We provide technical assistance with top quality steel from China Steel. We also accept all kinds of specifications.

Warehouse equipments

1. Adjustable stacking to increase capacity.

2. max. weight 100-500kg.

3. DIY style

4. No need for soldering while assembling

5. Provide planning and installation services.

Moving cabinets

Fixed position design to ensure safety. 2/3 more storage space than conventional cabinets. Mechanical principle for moving using steering wheel.

OA office furniture

All kinds of office furniture design for home and office

Laminated duty racks

 Laminated duty racks in the small warehouse, with compartments, can seat headspace intensive use, the upper lightweight items can be stored or when the office use.


#430 Angle

 Fabricating mechanisms of different forms and functions in substituting welded angle steel

Precise measurements taken of your warehouse Technical drawings to a chieve best layout design Free consultation for Material Handling solutions Design/Build turnkey systems.